ASTRAL EDUCATION is India’s No. 1, Most Reputed and Most Awarded Institute. For us, the priority is always to serve you with the best possible. Following the same league, we are the FIRST and ONLY Coaching Institute in India who is offering the exact replica (copy) of NTA UGC NET Official Test User Interface.

You may see the below screenshots and also match them with the official Test User Interface of NTA.

When you attempt practice tests on replica platform, it boosts up your confidence and you will have NO FEAR of the real exam.


All The best

1. Login Screen

Once you are enrolled, we will share the Login ID and Password with your for your subject, You will be able to login using those details and access the tests which allocated to you.

2. Test List

Choose the test you want to attempt from a complete list.

3. Instructions Screen

Read all the instructions carefully. You may choose your preferred language from ENGLISH / HINDI. Your questions will also be shown in the language. However you will have the freedom to change the language anytime, even during the test as well.

4. TEST Screen

This screen is the main test screen where question will be shown and you will attempt the tests, as you can see in the screenshot you have the option to change language, you can answer question, mark for review, Answer and Mark for review. You may also go through other questions by directly clicking on the Question Number on the right palette.